Through the many years of its existence, ILDC has helped lobby for and/or assist in the purchase of items that are not normally funded or budgeted for by the Ohio General Assembly. In 2019 and 2020, ILDC is raising funds to purchase an ADA compliant playground for Fox Island Beach.


Below is just an example of some of the past projects that ILDC has helped. To donate to future projects, click HERE

Multipurpose Building

Proposed as a building that can be used for multiple uses, ILDC raised funds to build this building at the Indian Lake State Park Campgrounds. ILDC continues to add improvements to the building to enhance its use.

Weed Harvester

With Indian Lake's cleaner water, sunlight is now penetrating the bottom of the lake and promoting growth of grasses and weeds. The growth is abundant enough that fish and boats can not get through the grasses so rather than wait for the state to schedule a state-owned weed harvester, ILDC partnered with several organizations and agencies to fund a weed harvester dedicated to Indian Lake.

Dog Park


Rather than have dogs running on the beach at Old Field Beach, an assistant park manager suggested to ILDC that the construction of a dog park near the beach would be a great project to fund. The members of ILDC approved and the ribbon officially opening the park was cut on June 10th, 2017. 

Playground Equipment 

Assisting the Indian Lake State Park manager in acquiring playground equipment for the various parts of the Indian Lake State Park, ILDC has funded playground equipment at Old Field Beach, Lakeview Launch, Chippewa Park, and Black Hawk Launch. In 2019, ILDC is raising funds to purchase playground equipment for Fox Island Beach.

Fall Festival 

The Indian Lake Fall Festival is one of the highlights for visitors to Indian Lake in the Fall. Crafts, entertainment, and great food greet the many visitors to the Indian Lake State Park Campground. ILDC raises funds by offering Schmidt's Sausage Haus at the Fall Festival.