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What is Disc Golf?

Disc golf is played much like golf. Instead of a ball and clubs, though, players use a flying disc or Frisbee. The sport was formalized in the 1970s and share with golf the object of completing each hole in the fewest strokes (or, in the case of disc golf, fewest throws.)


A golf disc is thrown from a tee area to a target, which is the “hole.” The hole can be one of a number of disc golf targets; the most common is an elevated metal basket. As a player progresses down the fairway, they must make each consecutive throw from the spot where the previous throw landed. The trees, shrubs, and terrain changes located in and around the fairways provide challenging obstacles for the golfer. Finally, the “putt” lands in the basket and the hole is completed.


Who Plays Disc Golf?

Disc golf is designed to be enjoyed by people of all ages, gender identity, and economic status, making it a great lifetime fitness activity. Because disc golf is so easy to learn, no one is excluded; players merely match their pace to their capabilities and proceed from there.


Why Should I Play?

Disc golf provided upper and lower body conditioning, aerobic exercise, and mental stimulation. Concentration skill increase by mastering shots and negotiating obstacles, and player of limited fitness levels can start slowly and gradually increase their level of play.


Scheduling is also flexible: A casual round take one to two hours and may be played along, elimination the difficulty of scheduling tee times. Perhaps the greatest attribute of the sport is the low barrier to entry. A professional quality disc costs roughly $15, and it only takes one for basic play.


And, of course, there’s the sheer fun of the game – no matter what your age or skill level!

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